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Building Regulations 


If you decide to build your home in Crete there are certain building laws, but they all depend on the position of the land.   Usually 4000 m2 is required for planning permission outside of village boundaries.    The total m2 that you are allowed to build is set by individual planning authorities and follows a sliding scale.  For example on the minimum plot size of 4000 m2 you would be allowed to build approximately 220 m2 , this then increases with the size of the plot.

  However this can sometimes be adjusted and is dependant on local rules and negotiation.

Generally a building has to be 15 metres away from the plot boundaries unless it fronts a municipal road.  The exception to the 4000 m2 rule is if a plot of land fronts a municipal road.  If this is the case, then only 2000 m2 is required to satisfy the planning regulations.  If the plot is within the town plan then you can built on small plots, for each area there is a different factor of the structure.  

If the plot is within the town plan then you can built on small plots, for each area there is a different factor of the structure. 
When you construct your own house a group of Architects and Mechanics will offer you several options to suit your needs and requirements. 



 Under Greek law it is the owner of the plot who is legally responsible for insurance and the building licenses. Building permits are approximately 4% of the cost of the building and are included in the architects quote. Please note that some builders and architects may give a quote that is not inclusive. 

There are usually three types of houses you can construct:

The Plastered House
This house consists of Reinforced concrete bearing shell, External brick
25- 30 cm thick walls in two layers with in between thermal insulation.
All brick walls plastered externally and internally. 1 or 2 floors.

The Stone house
This house consists of Reinforced concrete bearing shell (this is not visible
when house is finished because is covered by the stone wall), External walls
are stone outside and brick inside with thermal insulation in between.
The thickness of the external wall can range between 30- 40 cm .1 or 2 floors.
Brick plastered dividing walls 10 cm thick are included.

Renovating an Old House
Renovating an old stone house or ruin can be less expensive than building a new property and is very often found in idyllic locations.  For the cost of renovating a rule of thumb guide is 600-700 € per square metre. Unless of course you are undertaking much of the work yourself...

The Prefabricate House
This house is the cheapest in the construction market and someone can build
it very fast but it is something we don't recommend for our area.

The time table for the purchase and the construction usually is:

1 to 3 months to purchase the building land,
1-2 months the planning stage,
1-3 months to get the building permition and
7-16 months to construct the house (It depends from the size and the type
of the house)

Building Costs:

The Plastered House from approx. 1.300 €/m2 -1.500 € /m2
The Stone house from approx. 1.300 €/m2 -1.600 € /m2

Renovating an Old House : 600 €/m2 – 800 €/m2
The Prefabricate House approx. From 800 €/m2 -1000 €/ m2

The price of the construction can be precise after preliminary drawings are completed and exact specifications desired by the owner are set.

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