About Crete

Agios Nikolaos Elounda

The Island of unique beauty and magnificent landscapes is the largest of the Greek islands and the fourth largest in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus. Because of its geographical position between three continents - Europe, Africa and Asia - Crete became the crossroads where people, cultures and civilizations met and mixed with the indigenous peoples to evolve into an original civilization - The cradle of Europe.

Crete is a constantly changing landscape of high mountains, fertile plains, cosmopolitan beaches, industrious towns and picturesque villages. The Cretan sun shines for most of the year.

In Crete one comes across pristine and fascinating beaches bask in the perfect mild climate and enjoy the sent of herbs. You can enjoy the warm seawaters whose health enhancing qualities have been recognized and celebrated for thousands of years.

You can visit ancient monuments, see small churches in the country side, meet the real Cretan people who, with their warmth, kindness, hospitality, good humor and zest for living, are the heart of Crete.

With its 5.000 year history of civilization, friendly people, clean seas and average 315 days sunshine per year Crete is an idyllic place for a holiday home or permanent residence.

Did you know that Crete was the birthplace of Domenicus Theotocopoulos – known to most of us as El Greco? Or that Nikos Kazantzakis, also Cretan, was the writer of the famous play “Zorba the Greek” which was based on a true story? Even Athens' international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” was named after the late Prime Minister who was Cretan as well.

Agios Nikolaos

About Crete Elounda

Agios Nikolaos is a small circumlittoral town of East Crete, 60 km far from Heraklion airport. The lake is its most charming feature. Legends suggest that two Ancient Greek Goddesses, Athena kai Artemis, bathed in its waters. This lake is connected to the sea by a straight channel, while its natural surrounding of red rock and trees attract the visitor magnetically.

At a small open-air theatre by the lake, locals and visitors alike can enjoy interesting artistic and cultural presentations. A walk around the shops of Agios Nikolaos is an enjoyable experience, where the visitor can find a wide selection of traditional Cretan artwork, copies from different archaeological museums and jewelry.

A high quality and range of athletic facilities provides professional athletes with opportunity to get involved in any sports. There is a football pitch, tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, beach volley facilities, mini-golf and swimming pools, all providing the opportunity for exercise and fun.

The town of Agios Nikolaos has an excellent climate conditions and has a temperate climate with a mild winter. It offers all the facilities of a modern town (hospital, shops, hotels, public services and transports), making it the ideal place for permanent residence. That is why many people visit our town and in many occasions make our town their second home.

The Marina of Agios Nikolaos is built to European dimensions and standards, and is capable of accommodating up to 255 crafts all year round that visit from all over the world. Being located in the heart of the town, travelers can easily and quickly avail of the entertainment options in town, travel to see more important archaeological sights or traditional villages, or go shopping in the many and diverse stores nearby.

In short distances from Agios Nikolaos, one can visit Elounda and the ancient Minoan towns of Knossos, Festos, Lato, Gournia, Zakros as well as many interesting byzantine monasteries of the area.

Elounda is located to the north of Aghios Nikolaos, having an intended coastline, shaded beaches, crystal clear seas, and a tranquil and heavenly environment. 10 km only from Aghios Nikolaos affords you the opportunity to admire the spectacular view of Mirambello Gulf, 1 km east of the ancient settlement of Olounda, from which it has taken its name.

This used to be the favored place of legendary figures from Minoan Crete and of historical figures of our times.

The port of Elounda, bask in the glorious sea as it opens up before them offering its beauty and charm. This is a sea whose light infuses you gently but swiftly, having the power to touch you emotionally. To float in this sea or to observe it from further away is like dreaming with open eyes.

Elounda is a place-name that is easy to pronounce, but difficult to describe. It is a place that can only be experienced personally, to live forever thereafter in your dreams.

In Elounda today there are 2,200 inhabitants in six settlements and are involved in the tourism business. The people of Elounda, working in cooperation, have brought their athletic and cultural associations to the highest levels.