Property Management

In our modern times, being able to own a second home or holiday retreat need no longer be a figment of your imagination, Creta Invest can make it come true for you, so that your vacations are taken care of, and you can enjoy that unexpected break without all of the hassle that that normally entails. You simply get on a plane and of you go, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what to expect on your arrival.

We at Creta Invest can also ensure that the dream stays a manageable reality. Every property requires some maintenance and general service, and at Creta Invest we can offer a Management and Maintenance package to suit your requirements and your pocket. You will have invested a lot of your time and well earned money in your property. It would be prudent therefore, to protect your investment in the best way possible.

If your time here is limited, you do not want to be confronted by overgrown gardens, dirty windows and cars with flat batteries. In short, you do not need to be met with a weeks work before you can relax and enjoy yourself, the reason you came in the first place.

Our Management and Maintenance Service includes:
  • Key holding
  • Property Inspections
  • Property Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Property Rentals
  • Welcome Packs
  • Cleaning service
  • Laundry Service
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Watering Service
But perhaps we get ahead of ourselves, first of all have you already got a property?

If you have, you need to discuss in detail your requirements with our Management Team and we can put together a package designed to suit your requirements.

If you are still at the stage of buying a property, then you will need the help of our Sales Team, who will be happy to help and advise you. Unless you are intending to take up permanent residence here, you need to make them aware of how you intend to use the property, so that they can best advise you on how to look after it in your absence, especially if you are intending to let the property (see the article on Buying to let). If it is your intention to rent the property, we can help and advise you to obtain the necessary EOT licence.

Ensuring that your property is properly maintained and serviced will obviously vary depending upon the property, its usage, and the facilities on offer. If you and your family are to be the sole users, the maintenance will be totally different from a property let out for short term holiday lets. In the second case, you need to be aware of the costs, so that the rental charge adequately covers the maintenance costs. Whatever the case, we can offer you a program that will ensure first class care of your property, and the protection of your investment.

You may well ask “Why do I need a Property Management Company?”

The answer is quite simple and threefold.

First of all you need to know that your investment is safe and secure and looked after by someone you can trust and has a reputation to maintain.

Secondly, a small problem if left unattended can easily become a large and expensive one, hence the need for someone to regularly look at your property and deal quickly and effectively with any problems before they get out of hand.

Thirdly, if your not here in Crete, you need someone who can check that, what needs to be done has been done, and that when you arrive there isn't a mountain of problems for you to solve. No matter how small the problems are, they are best dealt with as and when they occur, so that you can enjoy your stay as you were meant to.


Key Holding
This will ensure that the property is kept secure and access is made available to your guests and any trustworthy person required to carry out maintenance or cleaning operations.

Property Inspections
This means that the property will be subject to an inspection visit on a regular predetermined routine, and could be as simple as a once a month cursory visit to ensure that there are no obvious faults or damage to the property or its contents, up to a weekly in depth check that all appliances and facilities remain in sound condition and full working order, the property is clean and trouble free.

We also reserve the right to authorise any emergency repairs deemed by us and payable by you, to be necessary to urgently ensure the integrity of the property, without your immediate consent. You will of course, be consulted at the earliest opportunity, and apprised of the situation.

Property Maintenance
This means ensuring that the property is maintained in full working order. If any routine maintenance is required such as a broken window, faulty tap washer, or minor storm damage then subject to our agreement with you we can either carry out the repair or inform you to authorise the repair. It is possible for you to deposit with us a small bond for payment of minor repairs (over and above our agreement) thus avoiding the problem of transferring small quantities of money, a full accounting will of course be provided.Any major maintenance will of course only be carried in full consultation with you, unless it is of an emergency nature as described above. Not included in the above are any repairs to decoration (unless it is due to a failure of another item such as a burst pipe), any repairs due to damp or any bug infestation (we can recommend a company who will guarantee a 12 month infestation free treatment). A further exclusion is normal wear and tear on furniture and furnishings, if however, the furniture, contents or the building is damaged by your guests, we need an agreement as to what course of action you wish us to take to effect repair, redress with your guest is obviously up to you, especially as any damage may not become apparent until after your guests have departed.

Normal redecoration is required for any property from time to time, a service that we can happily arrange for you.

We can also arrange a bill collection and payment service, for you and your property.

Property Rental
We have customers looking for long or medium term rentals, which we would be happy to place in your property, and arrange all the necessary details for their stay, including, cleaning and linen service. We are however, not a holiday company and able to take on the total responsibility of short term holiday lets. We can arrange airport transfers, welcome packs, access to the property (subject to flight delay), a cleaning service, a linen service and Car Hire, all of which would have to be subject to an agreement with you. The marketing of the property would have to remain your responsibility, and we would have to bill you for whatever work we agree to.

Welcome Packs
Welcome packs can be provided, the content and cost (subject to inflation) of which will have to be subject to an agreement with your self.

leaning service
A cleaning service is available, the depth and frequency of which will have to be determined by consultation. If for instance, the property is cleaned twice a week during the summer, then the level of cleanliness is quite high. If the property is left unoccupied for a period of time the amount of cleaning and the time required is obviously greater, and correspondingly the less frequent visits would have to be charged at a higher rate.

Linen Service
A linen service can be provided including towels, again on a frequency to be determined, this does not include a maid service, unless specifically requested, and will obviously incur extra cost.

Pool Maintenance
A pool maintenance service is available and will include regular checks on the filtration and pump system, chemical checks, the regular cleaning of the pool, and the filling and draining of the pool at the beginning and end of the year. Any repair work and subsequent draining and refilling will be subject to a further charge.

Garden Maintenance
Garden maintenance is available from our gardening team. An inspection visit will be required to examine the garden and its contents before an agreement can be reached as to the cost of maintaining your garden. This is due to the variation in sizes of garden and that if it contains plants that do not survive well in drought conditions they alone will require more regular visits.

Watering Service
For gardens that do not need a lot of regular maintenance, we can offer a watering service on a predetermined basis.

In an effort to offer as competitive a service as possible, we feel it incumbent upon us to point out, that if your property is in a more remote location; it may have to be subject to a surcharge for the services offered above.