Many people wanting to purchase land or property in Crete will require some sort of finance, whether it is for the outright purchase and/or to build a home or to complete a renovation. This is where Creta Invest can help; it is our aim to help you in any way possible. We can act as a Broker and assist you to find not only financing for your purchase, but financing that suits you and the property best.

Your time here in Crete will obviously be limited and valuable, it is important therefore to maximise the effectiveness of your visit. To this end, as well as being able to show you an extensive range of properties, we can prior to your visit discuss your needs, advise you accordingly and arrange finance in principle. This done, you can then look at property safe in the knowledge, that if you find something suitable, you are in a position to proceed.

Buying property in Crete is not difficult, but the procedure is slightly different. This we will advise and help you with, as well as explaining the documentation that you need to forward or bring with you. Mortgages in Crete are provided by the Banks, with whom we have a good relationship and which enables us to tailor make your finance to you and your property.

Not only will we act as a Broker on your behalf, we will also act as liaison between you, your lawyer (we can recommend several) here in Crete, the Bank, the builder (if one is required), and the surveyor. If you require further information or would like to make application for a mortgage decision in principle, please contact us.

At Creta Invest we have many years of experience in guiding our customers through the process of property purchase in Crete, in summary we will:

1) Prior to your purchase:
  • Discuss in detail your needs and requirements
  • Find a mortgage solution that best suits you and the property
  • Submit the Application in Principle on your behalf
  • Inform you of their decision and assist you in preparing a budget
2) When you have decided on the property:
  • Find a lawyer
  • Assist at the deposit stage
  • Ensure the mortgage package is still the one most suitable
  • Submit the formal application
  • Liaise between you, the lawyer, the Bank, the vendor and any technical personnel until completion
3) Post completion
  • Always be available to discuss and advise with any problems
  • Assist in finding any financing for alterations or improvements
  • Provide a property management service if required
Let Creta Invest take the strain, sort out the bureaucracy and help you acquire your dream property with the least fuss and inconvenience.


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